Branding & Design / Art Direction

Cebu Beer Factory

With the rise of boutique craft beers in the world, a new brand has emerged within asia, Cebu Beer Factory. Mark worked on it's solid branding statement along with the product line's look and feel. He also developed a promotional video in order to strengthen the impressions within the country.

Branding / Art Direction

La Vie Parisienne

All the work that comes with branding requires detail and consistency. For 4 years, Mark has developed the LVP brand through it's art direction and graphic design. He has created a logotype from the desired direction of vintage hand lettered works and has made a font from this. Some works over the years are also compiled.

Branding & Design/ Art Direction

The Monastery

This is Cebu City's premiere bar. The first of it's kind throughout the country. Flowing craft beer and a unique Colonial Buddha ambiance, Mark was commissioned to strengthen the overall vibe by creating the logo and managing the brand art direction, from events to collaterals.

Branding & Design/ Art Direction

Chateau de France

Delicate pastries and classic breads are the specialties of this european inspired brand, Chateau de France. The brand development began as one of Mark's earliest accounts has since grown within the capital city of Manila. Food packaging, promotions, and other related collaterals has since been made with his hands.

Branding & Design/ Art Direction

M.Lhuillier Wine & Food

One of the nation's leading food distributor and supplier, M.Lhuillier Wine & Food, has started its roots with a simple logo, honed by Mark. Today it has grown to be a brand known to import european goods and condiments. The business' visual identity is created by Mark since it's birth.

Branding & Design/ Art Direction

Bargain Philippines

A home improvement brand in the Philippines which boasts of being the most affordable quality goods hub in the city. House-wares, DIY and furnishing supplies and more all under one roof.  Mark was in charge of applying the necessary brand identity along with the in-store collaterals needed - a full branding package.